Cuanto cuesta hacer una app movil?

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Nowadays mobile app has become an important part of our life. Everyone depends on it, and you perform a lot of daily activities on it which makes your life easy. How much does it cost to make an app? If you are searching answer for this question, you probably got a different answer. Figuring out a constant answer to this question is difficult. The cost of this app depends on different factors of the app. Hire freelancers online who have at least basic knowledge of creating a mobile app.

According to the survey, the average cost required to develop an app is around $6400. For developing a small iPhone app, the cost required is $100 to $800 and for developing the most complex brand app required cost is $50000 to $150000. The development of ipad app ranges from $12,000 to $150000 or more. In India, the Mobile App development cost varies from INR 25000 to INR 200,000 based on the complexity.

The Cost of the app depends on following factors

Different Functionality and features: The basic cost of the app depends on the functionality and features in that app. If you want to create a simple and informative app which has a goal of educating users, then it will cost less than creating an interactive app. The different feature and functionality get added to an app depending on the goal of app and requirement of users.

Cross Platform or Native App: Before deciding the cost of the app, first, you should decide whether you are going to develop native app or cross platform app. Mo people prefer to develop the native app because it is easy to maintain later. It also has a different domain for a different platform that reduces not only your time but also reduces your money. Many experienced developers develop the native app because developing cross platform app is not a good choice.

In House or Outhouse: To create an app whether, in house or outhouse, the difference makes a lot of impact on cost. While making a mobile app from freelancers, your developer should not cancel the project. When you do a project in house, it makes the cost double than the cost of freelancers. If you do a project in house, it includes the cost of your company infrastructure, retention, process, and much more. When you want to develop your app, it only depends on you according to your requirement

A number of the screen: The cost of the application also depends on the number of screens required for your application. If your application contains a lot of screens, then the developer has to do a lot of designing work. More screening means your application navigates from one screen to another screen. While navigating the app, it requires more coding and testing approach and also it is time-consuming and requires maintenance. You can find freelance jobs online from different freelancing websites.

Hourly rate of development In the world, there are a lot of application developers, and each developer has its unique quality. If you want to choose a developer for your application, first see if the developer skills are appropriate. Does he have experience and capability of developing such type of app? Did he develop such type of app before? Hiring expensive developer does not mean he will develop the best app according to your requirement. A developer with an affordable rate can also create a good quality app in proper time.

Cost required for developing Android and iOS App: When people are thinking about mobile app development, first they think of the cost, then quality and performance. In US and UK, the average cost of developing a mobile app is $10k to $50K. The average cost in Ukraine is typically less than that in US and UK. India is the country where the cost of ios developer is $10 an hour. You should always find freelance jobs online from trusted websites.

If you want to build simple iPhone or Android app with basic functionality, the cost required in the US is $5K to $10 k, and it takes about two months. For a complex app, required cost is $12K to $ 24 K and also requires more than two months of completion. High complex Android app or iPhone app requires costing of $30K to $50k and also more than six months.

There are many Android mobile handlers and play store users available in the world. Despite this, according to researchers app store creates more money and makes ios developer happier than the Android developer. If you are developing an app for the only Android, then you will lose a lot of money so while creating an app in Android also create an app for iOS. If you create the same app in two platforms, you will earn more money from iOS app than the Android app.

Publishing of Android app is better than publishing ios app on play store. When you are publishing an Android app on play store, you have first signed up and then upload APK file. Once you upload APK file, it will take some hours to become live, and then people start downloading it. Cost required will be $25 per annum. While publishing your app on app store, first your app should be tested by real life human. The ios app publishing cost is $99 per annum and will take a couple of days to become live, or sometimes there are chances that after submission your app will be rejected. So be careful before submission of the app in app store. Hire freelancers online who do the certification of developing a mobile app.

Summary: In this article, you get information regarding cost required for developing a mobile app. You also see the different aspect that is directly or indirectly affecting the cost of development of this app, and you get detailed knowledge of each aspect. If you read this article, you will find out approximate cost required for developing the app.

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